Men's Testimonials

Over the years, we have received noteworthy attention and awards from the hair replacement industry, regional and national television, magazines and radio.  All of this attention is certainly wonderful.  But what makes the real difference for us at the end of the day is the impact our work makes in the lives of our clients.  They have become part of our family.


“Growing up, I always knew I would eventually look into some kind of hair replacement.  Blessed with bad hair genes, it was only a matter of time.  After countless hours of research, I came across Imagine Hair.  After reading about Stormy’s credentials, experience, and success, I was eager to make an appointment for consultation.  It only took one meeting to know Stormy and her studio was the right match for me.  Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, and hair replacement techniques were sublime.  She took the time to explain all my options.  It only made me more excited to begin my journey at Imagine hair.  I am more happy and impressed with her work and my custom hair unit.  She is always available by text or phone if I have any questions.  I highly recommend Imagine Hair to anyone inquiring about hair replacement as well as Stormy’s salon talents.  You won’t be disappointed,”

–   Charles J, Round Rock, TX

LaBerge Testimonial

“I have been going to see Stormy McCowen for over 22 years for hair replacement issues. Stormy is consummately talented and creative and she has seen my progression from having adequate hair to which to bond the various units to the present time, where I have almost no hair at all.  She creatively mixes the various bonding agents so that it adheres to my hair/scalp for the three weeks between my appointments with her.  She and I have experimented with various hair lengths and with my increasing gray and every unit looks so professional and natural. I am amazed at her creativity, especially when she cuts in a new unit. In addition, Stormy is very accommodating in terms of appointments.  Although we have a “standing appointment” every three weeks, there are times in which I have a conflict or she does and she has been able to adapt her schedule periodically to meet my needs.  I give my highest recommendation to Stormy as a creative, dedicated professional and I would encourage anyone considering hair replacement to utilize her services.” 

– Dr. LaBerge, Round Rock, TX

Charles After Testimonial
“My children wanted to know why their Daddy didn’t have hair… it is what finally convinced me to do something about my hair loss.  Not only am I the most handsome Dad, my lifestyle has not changed and I feel better about myself.”

— Dave, Austin, TX

“I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel about myself, thanks to Imagine Hair. I have my hair back. I’ve always been a good person and businessman. But, now, when I look in the mirror, I feel great about my appearance and have my confidence back”. 

– Jake, Austin, TX


Peter After Testimonial

“I’ve been using hair replacement for the last 27 years and it’s easily been one of the  best decisions I’ve ever made concerning my appearance.  The hair looks as natural as anyone with a full head of hair and Stormy does excellent job of creating a custom fit for each client.  Imagine Hair is the place I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a solution to hair loss, and the quality and care you receive from Stormy will be unmatched.”

– Peter, Round Rock, TX 

Jason After Testimonial

“I have been wearing hair replacement units for over 30+ years, but never was able to find a place that gave truly personal service and the natural look I wanted.  I tried everywhere, including highly publicized (and expensive) places like Hair Club.  Then, I found Imagine Hair Replacement and made an appointment with Stormy.  After an awesome meeting and consultation, I ordered a new hair system and waited with anticipation.  When it arrived Stormy did the fitting and worked her ‘magic’.  When she finished, WOW!!, I looked fantastic.  Looking back, I will always be great-full to Imagine Hair and Stormy’s amazing personal touch that made all the difference.  She has a new client for life.

– Jason, Austin, TX

Alan J

“I have been trying to get a hair piece that fits my needs for years. I have been to couple of different well reputed hair replacement locations in different cities/ states; all of them left me desiring for something better. I have spend thousands of dollars and still the results were subpar.

Five minutes into the conversation with Stormy it was clear she as a lot of experience with hair replacement and extensions. She is thorough and gives you a lot of options to pick from which is nonexistent with the other mass production / drive thru hair replacement places. The hairpiece she provides is very close to my natural hair, holds better without lifting and I can style it the way I want. She also gave me different bonding options that I can clean/change easily. She also gives tips on using products to make the units last longer and styling techniques. I am really impressed and no longer need to worry about my hair anymore!”

– Alan J, Georgetown, TX

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