Help with Hair Color

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Help with Hair Color Matching


Sometimes, matching your existing hair color with a simple picture of a product online can be challenging, especially if it’s not one of the basic colors.  If you’re having some difficulty, we can help.  We want you to receive the color you “Imagined”; a product that blends perfectly with your existing hair.  So, here are a couple options:


  1. If you are sure that you know what color you want, go ahead and order. It it’s not exactly what you wanted, remember that our hair products are all 100% human hair and can be colored, and styled, just like your existing hair.
  2. If you are not sure, you can contact us and we can help you select the right color or give you advice. We want you to be completely satisfied.


Complete the questionnaire below and send it to us.  Our professionals will evaluate your situation and determine what color is best suited for you.  Be sure to include a couple photos of your existing hair (taken in good lighting), especially the areas of your head you need to cover.