Men's Hair Replacement Systems

So, you’ve decided to take control of your life and want a non-surgical solution.  What’s next?  What can you expect? How long will it take? What will it cost?

For the first time, regardless of age, you have a real, non-surgical hair solution for a profoundly disturbing problem: losing your hair.

We know that a full head of hair is the one thing that frames your face and suggests youthfulness, health and vitality.  You can be on your way to having a full head of natural hair and the style you want after your first session with us.

Designing an effective hair replacement solution for you requires that these three very important elements come together:

1) Selecting the right system for your individual hair loss needs.  There are many systems on the market, each with different materials, base styles, and attachment methods.  We make sure that the materials we choose for you are reliably and consistently made and we consult with you to ensure the system selected will perform well for your lifestyle. Nothing we sell is “off the shelf”.  That is why our services is so uniquely different.

2) We only use the highest quality %100 natural hair and quality materials so your custom hair replacement solution lasts and performs well.

3) Finally, we custom fit, cut and blend your hair replacement solution with your existing hair.

Your custom hair system will not bet anything like a wig or a hairpiece.  Your unique system becomes part of you — not something you wear.  It is “your hair”. Here is a bit about the technology involved.  We can explain these in more detail, as it applies to you personally, when you come in for your free consultation.

Volumization Technology

A new advent in the field of non-surgical hair replacement is called volumization technology. It enables the adding of new hair, alongside existing hair.  And after the process is completed, your scalp is still completely visible.  This is entirely new technology.

A medical hair transplant can at most only place 5,000 to 10,000 new hairs in an area meant to contain 50,000 – that’s 90% to 80% less than normal density.  At best you can only use the transplanted hair to camouflage your bald spots, because some areas of the scalp are just not going to be covered by the process.  But with volumization technology, you can achieve a normal level of cosmetic density, without surgery.

The Look of Your Own Hair

We can restore the natural volume and healthy look to your hair, resulting in a sensational new look to match your lifestyle or a welcome return to the look you’ve loved for years. Each system is unique to you.  It matches your existing hair texture, color, growth pattern, and style.  For a hair replacement system to be successful, it must look and feel exactly like your own head of hair.

Total Hairline Re-creation

The re-creation of a hairline is most crucial to successfully create that natural look.  Without a realistic hairline, you’re still bald in most people’s eyes.  It can, in fact, be worse than staying bald.

With the special properties of volumization technology, adapted to the typical finer properties of a hairline, the thickness and irregular pattern of the hairline creates an amazingly realistic effect, revealing tiny patches of your scalp, exactly as with a real growing hairline.

The Proof is in the Look and Feel

We use only the finest quality real human hair available. Our new technology not only authentically replaces hair in terms of appearances, it also feels real.  There’s no difference in feeling from your new hair to you’re the hair you still have growing on your head. Scalp and hair, hair and scalp – that’s all you feel, that’s all anyone else feels.

• No bumps, lumps, or ridges with our ultra-thin base.
• No worrying about seeing the base in bright lights.
• No worrying about when it rains, when you go swimming, or are in a strong wind.
• No real maintenance other than shampoo and combing. You will need to come in for a haircut and adjustment about once a month because just a regular barber will not know how to manage your system.
• Get virtually any style you want. However, we recommend a style that fits your face and age to remove any doubt as to it being “real”.

No one will ever know that it’s not your hair growing out of your own scalp.

Imagine Hair takes care of everything for you so you will look fantastic day and night.

See Yourself as Before

If you can, go and get a photo of yourself from the days before you started losing your hair.  We’re dead serious.  Go get that photo and look at it carefully.  That’s exactly how your hair can look with our latest non-surgical technology.  Remember to bring that photo in for your free consultation to show us how you used to look.  We’ll show you how we can make a difference in your appearance just by making you look like you again.

For men suffering from alopecia, male pattern baldness, and other forms of hair loss, our commitment to the highest professional standards has allowed us to stay at the leading edge of men’s hair replacement technology, and has made us one of the industry leaders in our field.  Our clients trust us because we deliver on our promise to give them back the edge they thought they’d lost.

For a completely natural, totally undetectable look, come in and see for yourself.  Any style, any color, any look.

Let Us Show You the Difference

A realistic hair replacement solution takes skill and artistry. It has to be perfect in order to blend in with your existing hair for it to look close to natural and stylish.  An entirely separate level of creative artistry comes into play when designing the right hair system for you. That’s what we do best.

I offer professional and personal service, combined with today’s most advanced technologies to give you the latest trend setting styles designed specifically for you.

Come in for a free, private consultation.  We will evaluate your hair and scalp, discuss your hopes, and go over your lifestyle so we can recommend the exact system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

No Monthly Contracts or “Club Memberships” Required!

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