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Gingersnap Hair Pod

SKU: HP102

$259.00 USD $449.00 USD

Introducing our NEW Revolutionary, Imagine Hair Pod Hair Topper.   It’s similar in concept to our Hair Banger™ except it is much larger, 5″ - 5.5″ wide with 7″ long hair.  It’s for Men and Women who are balding or have thinning hair and do not want to buy expensive wigs, hair systems, or hair transplants procedures.  We are especially proud of our unique line of real human hair gray color, nearly impossible to find anywhere….and definitely impossible to find in an amazing product like our Imagine Hair Pod.

Watch the video about our amazing new Hair Pod™.  It’s designed to quickly and easily cover almost any balding area.  Do it yourself!  It’s made from 100% human hair and will match your color perfectly so it is impossible for anyone to tell it’s not your real hair.  It can either be designed to be used long-term, or it can be used as a temporary hair system while your custom unit is being made.

Unsure of what product you need? Simply text a selfie of the front and top of your hair to 512.771.5705 and we will help you determine the right product or color selection. Alternatively, feel free to upload your photos using the upload image button with your order. *Please note that texting us will get a quicker response. You can also email your photos to us at

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