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Thinning & Balding Hair Solutions

Welcome to Imagine Hair

Welcome to Imagine Hair, founded in 1998. Our passion is providing both men and women a full range of professional non-surgical hair replacement services and a line of unique hair augmentation products. We offer a wide variety proven, hair loss solutions for both Men and Women. Our 30 years of revolutionary service and products are for those who are balding, have thinning hair, or with scalp conditions that require something custom. We are especially proud of our unique line of patented, do-it-yourself products like our Imagine Hair Banger™ and Hair Pods, made with real human hair in various colors, including gray, which nearly impossible to find anywhere. Imagine Hair offers non-surgical hair loss solutions for men and women individually customized to meet your needs and lifestyle. As one of the leading hair replacement specialists in the Austin area, we offer the latest breakthrough technology in non-surgical hair replacement. Call (512) 771-5705 for a FREE confidential consultation. .

Thinning & Balding Hair Solutions

Hair Replacement for Men, Women and children

We can cover thinning hair or bald spots and restore the natural volume and healthy look to your hair for all types of hair loss problems, from the minor to the severe. Our 100% human hair systems, wigs and extensions let you keep your existing hair color or change it, add length and body for the look you’ve always wanted, and enjoy your hair once again.

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