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We can cover thinning hair or bald spots and restore the natural volume and healthy look to your hair for all types of hair loss problems, from the minor to the severe.  Our 100% human hair systems, wigs and extensions let you keep your existing hair color or change it, add length and body for the look you’ve always wanted, and enjoy your hair once again. 

For a woman, her hair is a symbol of youth, health and sex appeal.  We know that when you lose your hair, for whatever the reason, you lose a great deal of confidence.  We understand this and we are committed to helping women, just like you, restore the look and feel of natural, healthy hair.  Because of our 25 years experienced as a hair restoration expert, we can can determine your best course of non-surgecal treatment.  We have many options available and will design a solution that is hand to tailor to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Proven Solutions for Women

Imagine Hair offers the widest possible range of female hair restoration services for women suffering from thinning hair, major hair loss, as well as medically related hair loss.  Our Hair Loss Replacement Systems, wigs, extensions, and fillers for Women allow you to get back your original look, as though it was never lost.  You will experience a new sense of self confidence with our trusted hair augmentation and replacement systems.  We also have a wide variety of solutions to complete baldness due to alopecia or chemotherapy that fit your individual needs.

At Imagine Hair we offer the most comprehensive services in the women’s hair replacement services, including hair loss replacement and restoration, hair rejuvenation, hair extensions, and individual fillers that you can manage yourself right from home.  Here are just three of the options we can offer.  Come in for a free confidential consultation, and we will help you craft a unique solution that brings back your beautiful full head of hair.

All of my clients have special needs. Some have thinning hair, others have complete hair loss and then still others suffer from chemically damaged hair.

All of these areas can easily be remedied.  It’s not a dream anymore.  My experience and complete dedication to women’s hair loss will make you feel completely at ease.

Hair Systems for Pattern Hair Loss and Alopecia in Women

Depending on the amount of your hair loss, we will design a system specifically for you that can include anything from a small partial hair replacement solution to a full cap.  We make a mold of each affected area, and then design a system with color, texture, density, and wave blended in with your existing hair. Nothing is left to chance and nothing is “off the shelf”.  The whole process takes from six to ten weeks, depending upon your needs and desires.

Wigs for Medically Related Hair Loss

If you are scheduled to undergo chemotherapy, a full cap wig is required. We realize this is a problem for most companies because you will likely require something in a matter of weeks. With our factory relationships, we are able to provide you exactly what you need in time so you won’t have to stay hidden away for months while your hair system is being manufactured.

Our exclusive line of wigs are medical grade wigs. This is different from “fashion wigs” you find in many other places. These wigs are made of higher quality hair and the cap is specifically designed for the individual with little or no hair. In addition, because your wig will be worn all the time, our units use hair that can last longer under everyday wear. The result is something that looks natural, is comfortable, and gives you the confidence in maintaining your dignity.

Hair Extensions and Fillers

If you would like longer, fuller hair, or just need to fill in some thinning areas, we have the answer.  Our 100% hair extensions and proprietary Hair Banger™ can be integrated invisibly into your own hair either in our studio or we can show you how to do it at home yourself.  This unique combination of solutions gives us a wide range of flexibility to repair and restore any woman’s hair back to normal.

Highest Standards

Stormy has a reputation for being the best when it comes to women’s hair replacement solutions.  Your total satisfaction is important, so you will not be rushed and she will make sure that you know exactly how to care for whatever you purchase before you leave.  Stormy will answer all your questions or concerns.

Get the Look You Want and Deserve

If you are suffering from alopecia, hereditary hair loss, balding or undergoing a medical procedure that causes hair loss, then give us a call and come in for a free personal consultation.  We will show you how we can create a state of the art, personally customized solution for you!

I offer professional and personal service, combined with today’s most advanced technologies to give you the latest trend setting styles designed specifically for you.

Take the first step to a new you. Book your free, confidential appointment with us today.

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