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Cookies/Cream Fun Hair Banger™


$9.95 USD $19.95 USD

3″ wide x 6-7″ long human hair clip-in, patented FUN Hair Bangers™ are those who just want to temporarily change hairstyle and have some fun.  Designed to blend well with your existing hair, adding color accents or bangs for a different look every day.  Cut, and style them any way you like.  Just clip in, style, and go!


  • Adds color to the hair or bangs to give your style an exciting accent.
  • For Kids and Teens, but also fits Men and Women
  • Discrete, small, easy to put on and blend in. Do it yourself at home in minutes.
  • Opposing clips so you can wear it facing any direction
  • 100% human hair
  • Use several Hair Bangers™ overlapping to achieve the coverage and volume you want.

Shipping Cost: Each Hair Banger™ weighs 3 ounces, and shipping charges for Hair Bangers™ are determined by weight. The shipping price is $6.95 covers orders up to 27 ounces and determined by the number of Hair Bangers™ in your purchase by weight and will be calculated upon checkout. 

Unsure of what product you need? Simply text a selfie of the front and top of your hair to 512.771.5705 and we will help you determine the right product or color selection. Alternatively, feel free to upload your photos using the upload image button with your order. *Please note that texting us will get a quicker response. You can also email your photos to us at

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