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Brown Hair Extension Kit

SKU: EK002

$50.00 USD $150.00 USD

Hair Extension Kits

EXTREME ALL IN ONE HAIR EXTENSIONS are the solution – 100% human hair that blends seamlessly into your hair. Color it, cut it and style it to blend invisibly into your own hair. It truly is a do-it-yourself makeover that you can quickly do at home.

Tired of running around trying to buy what you need from different stores, and then not having it all in one place? Well, we’ve done all for you. We’ve put together a special kit that contains everything you need in an easy-to-carry tote. What’s more, the total cost is less expensive than if you purchased everything from us individually and much less expensive than if you tried to find everything at different stores. We created this with you in mind. Every woman wants more or longer hair every now and then. With our Extreme all-in-one Kit, you can have that anytime and anywhere. Going off to a vacation or special event. Just grab your kit and go, knowing with confidence that you have everything you need.

Each kit includes:

✔️ 5 ea Clip-in 100% Human Hair Extensions – 17″ long

✔️ 2 ea Hair Extension Clips

✔️ 1 ea Special Imagine Hair Extensions Brush

✔️ 1 ea 2 oz Imagine Hair Leave-in Extension Conditioning Spray Elite

Shipping Cost: Each Hair Extension Kit weighs 3 ounces, and shipping charges for Hair Extension Kits are determined by weight. The shipping price is determined by the number of Hair Bangers™ in your purchase by weight and will be calculated upon checkout. 


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