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Imagine Hair™

Extensions Brush

Our custom hair extensions brush are a must for all our Imagine Hair™ products. Specially designed for brushing, teasing, tangling, and blending.

*One brush in each package

Price: $20.00 SALE $15.95


Imagine Hair Banger™

Tote Bag

Our 5″ x 7″ custom Tote Bag is especially designed to keep your Imagine Hair Bangers™ looking great and protect them from tangling and being ruined when you don’t have them in. They come in several bright, exciting colors so you will always know where they are. The tote bag samples shown only illustrate the basic color that you will receive.

The actual fabric pattern and color will vary, depending upon the manufacturer’s current stock.

Tote Bag Price: $20 SALE $9.95

The perfect accessories for your new hair

We offer the highest quality hair accessories specifically selected to style and maintain your Imagine Hair products. Using the wrong brush or hair shampoo or conditioners can not only make your hair look bad, but they can damage your hair. Since we use only 100% human Remy hair, it is important that you take care of your products to ensure they always look good.

  • Imagine Hair™ Extensions Brush

  • Imagine Hair Banger™ Tote Bag

  • Shampoo & Conditioners

  • Other essentials

Sure, you can research, shop around and experiment; or hope the items you already have at home will work. But, doesn’t it make sense to purchase the accessories you need for your new products from us?

“The thing I love about Stormy is her focus on quality and always offering the best accessories to really complement her hair products”.

Frieda F. - Long Beach, CA

Be sure you are getting the best and a competitive price.