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Renowned expert in the hair industry for over 30 years

Founded in 1998, Imagine Hair has a mission of providing a full range of professional hair care services and hair products. We never take the “one treatment fits all” approach because no two people and no two circumstances are alike. We find the treatment most suitable for your specific hair loss needs and give you superior care, matchless expertise, privacy, and outstanding personal service. We offer the best of cutting edge technology. We understand the importance of quality customer service, comfort, and trust. We also offer a full range of professional salon services for both men and women, including hair styling, color, and hair extensions. Imagine Hair produces only the highest quality of hair products and services to help you restore your hair, your way.

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If you’re struggling with hair loss and looking for a natural, undetectable look, we’ve got you covered! Visit our store to start your new hair journey today.


A great company and great products are defined by the results experienced by it's clients. Here are just a few of the hundreds of satisfied people we have helped and have become part of our "family".

These Reviews are from people just like you, walking around in public every day. They needed help with a balding or thinning hair. Stormy’s Imagine Hair products were an perfect fit! You will never recognize them now because the products blend perfectly and look and feel just like their own hair. But, you can see it through their smiles of confidence and happiness.

Karen Hay

Three years ago I lost much of my hair on sides and top back. It was so hard to fill in the holes with the hair I had left. Then my girlfriend shares with me the hair banger she had purchased from Stormy. I could not believe the difference.

Because I die my hair red it was a little hard to match. Stormy worked with me and showed me how to dye and style it to match my hair perfectly.

It is amazing. You don’t feel it in your hair. I wear it all day. No one can tell that I have hair bangers. People just comment how good my hair looks. It is by far the best thing I ever bought. I recommend it to all my friends.

My self esteem went up 100%.

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Frank Harrison

I've always been self conscious about my top hair thinning. Then, my friend, Jason, saw an ad about a hair topper that would fill in your own hair and look natural. I was skeptical, but decided to try it when he said he was wearing a "Hair Pod".

I couldn’t believe it. His hair was amazingly natural. So, I tried one and it blended perfectly with my existing hair. My wife thought I had done something extraordinary, and said I looked so much younger! The Hair Podss are easy to clip in, style, and fills my thinning spots perfectly. I look like I have a full, thick head of hair. I love them!

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Linda Carter

Off and on, for months, my husband lovingly mentioned that he would be fine with me doing what I needed to deal with my thinning hair. I tried a number of things, but nothing looked natural or matched my gray hair. Then, I discovered Imagine Hair and purchased 2

Silver Gray Hair Hangers.

My family and friends give me compliments without knowing I’m wearing a Hair Banger. I plan to share my secret with them. Best of all, my husband says I look years younger.

Stormy was so attentive and understanding to my needs and showed me just how easy the Hair Bangers were to put in and style. It really is amazing.

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Beverly Carter

Stormy is awesome!  She is intelligent and very knowledgeable about her custom hair bangers and hair pods, which were great.  She treats you with respect.

Charles Jacobs

Take it from a long term customer, 10+ years!  Stormy understands men's hair loss needs just as much as women's styling or hair loss (alopecia) needs.  After trying chain hair loss salons, etc, I've come to COMPLETELY TRUST STORMY

with my needs, ordering hair replacement units and even more importantly, knowing how to cut one in to look natural....VERY IMPORTANT!  Professional service at affordable prices for hair that actually looks real and great.  Thanks stormy.  We'll be seeing you soon for my professional needs going forward.

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