These Reviews are from people just like you and me, walking around in the general public every day.  They needed help with a balding or thinning hair and Stormy’s Imagine Hair products were an excellent fit!  You will never recognize them because the products blend perfectly and look and feel just like their own hair.  But, you can see it through their smiles of confidence and happiness.  This is just a few of the hundreds of people who’s lives have been changed by our products.

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5 starsKaren H.:  Three years ago I lost my mom from a brief sickness and I was her caretaker.  I lost so much of my hair on sides and top back.  It was so hard to fill in the holes with the hair I had left.  About six months ago my brother-in-laws girlfriend shares with me the home banger that she had purchased from Stormy. She showed me the before and after.  I could not believe the difference.  I them got in touch with Stormy to order one for me.  Because I die my hair red it was a little hard to match and Stormy worked with me. Because of my color and the hair is real my hairdresser was able to die it to match my hair.  I was it and blow dry it and can put a curling iron at the end of it.  My hair dresser cut it to fit my style. It is amazing. You don’t feel it in your hair. I wear it all day. I then got one for the back top.  No one can tell that I have hair pieces. People just comment how good my hair looks. It is by far the best thing I ever bought for myself. I  recommend it to all my friends.  This is a 5 star product with a 5 star staff. Stormy works with you so well and I am so grateful. Thank Stormy and your help and your staff.  My self esteem went up 100%.

5 starsLance D.:  When I came to Stormy, I was very upset.  After an extraordinary amount of time after having purchased and worn a beautiful hair unit, the unit was losing hair.  With the understanding that it would require weeks until a new unit would arrive, I turned to Stormy for her expertise.  Using her talent and ingenuity, Stormy utilized 3 Hair Bangers perfectly matched to my hair color and demonstrated the great and unexpected versatility of this product.  She attached these Hair Bangers to some sparse remaining hair, cut them in, and saved my appearance and life.  The combination of Stormy and her surprisingly versatile Hair Bangers are an unbeatable team.  My confidence is back and I feel like a new man!!

5 starsShirley S.:I was desperate to get the self-esteem I had lost since my age started to kick in.  I am in my 70’s, my hair was really starting to thin and already turn gray and my income is small.  Desperate to fill in those areas I scoured the internet. I found wigs, wigs and more wigs.  More like tumors. They were expensive, heavy, and synthetic not what I needed.
It was depressing.

Then one day my daughter sent me to Imagine Hair website. I looked it over and over and was so excited to find maybe just something that could help. I found Hair Bangers. Now my first thought was, “How can a bang help me??” Well, have you seen Myrtles video? Exactly what I needed: simple yet elegant and easy to use.  I was hopeful.  I planned my vacation to visit my daughter in Texas and was on my way to visit Stormy!

I was excited.  I got to Imagine Hair Studio and Stormy and Hair Bangers were the answer to my prayers.  I had two options. A full hair unit… My hair was thinning… Not bald and I was on a limited income or Hair Bangers . Stormy fixed me with 5 of these amazing little hair pieces and I am delighted!  They matched perfectly; I could put them in and take them out myself.  They are also very affordable!  I can wear them all day and even to sleep in.  Hair Bangers are easy to style.  What more can I say that my confidence doesn’t show?  Thank you, Stormy and Imagine Hair for changing my life.

5 starsBarbara D.: I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the “Hair Banger” product that I purchased from Imagine Hair.  I have noticed in the past few years that my hair line keeps creeping back and it results in a long forehead look.  All my sisters and mom’s family have the same issue.

5 starsStacy P.: I literally bumped into Stormy McCowen last year and she recommended a couple of “bang” attachments that are impossible to detect when I am out in public.  Since my hair is several shades of blonde, I had them highlighted for a perfect match.  (“All of Imagine Hair products can withstand any color, highlights, flat iron, and trimming that normal hair does) I was amazed at how perfect they were for me and my busy schedule!

5 starsTrudy W.: I truly love them and not embarrassed to tell my friends and family.  So many people should utilize this easy, subtle way to transform ordinary to awesome!  My husband likes my new bangs and didn’t even realize that they were just “clip ons!”

5 starsKim C.: Thank you Stormy McCowen for making me feel confident and sexy with my new look!  Imagine Hair extensions and replacements are a godsend! You are inspiring and so glad our random connection led to your awesome product!!

5 starsClaudia A.: I am an African American lady in my fifties and I have severe hair loss due to the years I abused the wear of traditional weave. I was tired of the damage, breakage and how unhealthy my hair looked after sitting in a salon chair for hours. There is nothing on the market that can truly help me with my situation. So I thought. I was searching Google for something. I found “black woman” wigs, and thick unnatural wefts. It wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to be a beautiful woman without the headache! I came across Imagine Hair. Stormy’s website was so helpful and inspirational. At last I found the one thing that could help me. Hair Bangers. I bought one to “test” it out. I was so thrilled I immediately got back online and bought two more!

I love Hair Bangers so much I plan to order a few more in other colors so I can add a splash of newness without the commitment and they will fill in my thinning areas. I can wear these little miracles anywhere on my head.  Fill in any area.  Oh and did I mention… Not damage my hair! When my girlfriends ask about my new look. I tell them right away about Stormy, Hair Bangers and how they have saved the day.  I no longer risk heading out the door in embarrassment.  I hope this reaches someone that had the same problems I did and it helps to discover a new them, full of confidence and happiness.  Thank you Stormy for giving me back my head held high and smile!!!

5 starsSherri G.: I love my hair bangers from Imagine Hair!  Stormy McCowen’s product is just the right thing to help a gal who wants to put off Botox for as long as possible!  The product is easy to attach and stays put.  I used them in my beach wedding and the pictures turned out beautiful!  Although the wind was blowing and a storm had just passed, my bangs were snug!

I love the versatility of my hair banger. My daughter wanted some for her wedding day for a fuller look. And they worked out beautifully!

5 starsDana H.: I have been going to Stormy McCowen, owner of Imagine Hair, for approximately ten years. I have always had very fine hair and was impossible to style. I wanted to add volume to my hair. Therefore, I entered the world of hair extensions.

I’m a very private person working in marketing for a large company so I wanted the extensions to be unnoticeable but give me the volume and bounce I desperately.

5 starsS.R.:I was thrilled when I found Stormy’s salon to deal with my thin hair. Unlike other hairstylists who gave me one or no options, Stormy specializes in cases like mine and was eager to help me. She gave me a lot of options and told me the pros and cons of each. She was sensitive not only to my hair needs but also my budget. In the end I purchased clip in extensions, hair bangers, and a clip-in top piece. I love all three products and use them at different times depending on what style I am going for that day. I also greatly appreciate how Stormy encourages me to experiment with a certain product, knowing that finding a perfect solution is always a process.

5 starsLinda C.: Off and on, for months, my husband lovingly mentioned that he would be fine with me doing what I needed to deal with my thinning hair.  I tried a number of things, but nothing looked natural or matched my graying hair.  Then, I cam across Imagine Hair and purchased 2 Silver Gray Hairbangers.  My family and friends give me compliments without knowing I’m wearing a Hairbanger.  I plan to share my secret with them.  Best of all, my husband says I look years younger.  Stormy was so attentive and understanding to my needs and showed me just how easy the Hairbangers were to put in and style.  It really is amazing.

5 starsKaren H. – Louisiana:  3 years ago I lost much of my hair on the sides and top back.  It was so hard to fill in the holes with the hair I had left.  6 months ago my girlfriend shares with me the Hairbanger that she purchased from Stormy.  So, I purchased several and put them in.  I couldn’t believe the difference.  Because I dye my hair red, I had to dye the Hairbangers to match.  But, it was pretty easy and Stormy worked with me.  It is amazing.  You don’t feel them in your hair.  I wear them all day.  People just comment on how good my hair looks.  It is by far the best thing I ever bought for myself.  I recommend it to all my friends.  This is definitely a 5-star product and 5-star service.  Thank you Stormy.  My self esteem went up 100%.

5 stars Tracy B.:  My friend, Trish, saw an ad about a hair piece that would fill in your own hair and look natural.  I was skeptical, but decided to try it when she said she was wearing 2 Hairbangers.  I couldn’t believe it.  Her hair was beautiful.  So, I tried them and they blended perfectly with my existing hair.  My husband thought I had done something extraordinary, and said I looked beautiful!.  The Hairbangers are easy to clip in, style, and fills my thinning spots perfectly.  I look like I have a full, thick head of hair.  I love them!

5 stars Laura S.:  I highly recommend this product.  I am an older woman whose hair is thinning.  The Hair Banger is the perfect thing to hide my balding spots without looking like you are wearing a wig.  Another great features is that noone knows you are wearing them.  By giving you just the right amount of hair, it keeps you looking younger.  I have been wearing 2 of then now for several months and will order a third one this week.

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