Meet Stormy

Changing lives one person at a time with revolutionary hair products

Hello, I am Stormy McCowen owner of Imagine Hair Replacement and Imagine Hair Products.  I am excited and passionate about my experiences in the hair replacement and hair products industry.  I have been designing and helping create the unique individualized hair restoration for my clients for over 25 years.  My studio is based In Round Rock Texas, and I’ve owned my own business for seventeen years.  After many requests for do-it-yourself integration hair pieces, bangs and top pieces to cover hair loss, I decided to research the market.  By using my many years of experience, and listening to what my clients say, I started developing of my own line of unique retail products like revolutionary Imagine Hair Banger™ and Hair Pod™.

About Stormy

Stormy McCowen is the innovator, entrepreneur, educator and creative mind behind the revolutionary products at  Working out of her Round Rock Texas studio her groundbreaking designs span over 22 years.  Stormy’s passion is helping as many people as possible and her motto is ‘Your Hair Your Way!’  “It’s not just about the hair, it’s about the heart” Stormy emphasizes. Throughout her career Stormy has been giving people with hair loss a second chance.  She has helped people who have suffered cancer related hair loss and even severe burns on their scalp and worked with their surgeons to develop special customized hair units and prostheses.  Stormy says “As a Christian woman I believe in helping as many people as possible.  I believe in treating people as individuals.  I don’t make them feel as if they are just a number”.

Take the story of Casey for instance.  Casey suffers from a serious, but often misunderstood disease called Trichotillomania.  This involves patients, typically females, who pull their hair out of their scalp leaving completely bare spots all around the head.  Casey’s mother had heard about Stormy’s work so she decided to take Casey in to see if there was hope for improving her appearance.  Casey had become increasingly self-conscious about the bald spots and wanted to do something about it.  During the visit, Stormy went to work immediately and took one of her best-selling items, the Hair Banger™ and positioned it over a bald area on Casey’s head.  She worked it in with the remaining hair Casey had and it looked completely natural.  So, Stormy used two additional Hair Bangers and was able to cover the remaining areas of baldness on Casey’s scalp.  Casey’s mother and Casey were elated at the astounding results.  Stormy loves telling the story about how Casey was beaming with confidence and with tears of joy in her eyes as she left the studio.

Not only does Stormy help those with severe problems, but she also helps those with every day hair loss needs.  Daffana Gray is a black woman with chemically abused and brittle hair.  Stormy was able to quickly develop a single no-commitment hair extension, `The Daff` especially for Ms. Gray, who explains “I love my new hair and I feel 20 years younger.  Not only that, but I can sleep comfortably with this hair.  I can transition in just minutes and can do any style by myself. This extension has already changed my life as it has been a complete makeover for me” With Stormy’s Hair Bangers, women no longer have to sit in the chair at the salon for hours getting their hair intricately weaved.  Although Stormy is not a transplant surgeon, people from as far away as Norway have sought her out because of her renowned knack for solving hair loss related problems and the years of helping people with unique problems has led Stormy into developing products for the masses.

For more information about our products, contact Stormy at her studio:     512-771-5705