The Story Behind Imagine Hair Products

2353456After seven years of researching and testing a variety of products on the market I noticed an enormous need for individuals looking for a solution to hair color change without coloring their hair and unsightly scars or baldness but without resorting to transplants.  They wanted something they could do themself, in the comfort of their own homes, and giving a superior economical hair quality and getting the look and coverage the average consumer cannot find at a retail store or TV sales stations network.  Not to mention children’s clip in do it yourself fun bangs to wear without cutting their hair.

After visiting a local Ulta and Sally beauty stores I noticed nothing for children or teenagers, only for adults and the pieces were so big they sit like a tumor on your head! So I decided to custom make the very first hair banger then it expanded to becoming a filler for hair loss giving extra volume.  After this I did more research discovering the baby boomers are in great need of product for the gray haired individuals.  Numerous other products being sold at Walmart and even CVS and Walgreens that made me laugh, Really?  I could not believe my eyes to see what customers would pay for a simple plastic clip to make their hair thicker and give them the new age bee hive look.

You know the Priscilla Presley or Kim Kardashian BIG HAIR. Then my creative mind went to work and invented another hot seller the `Ooh la la sexy big hair` was born.  Mine has a magic clip that grabs the hair like a finger and snaps in your hair on top of the head instantly, I gave the packaging a blue genie because it really is hair magic to go from flat to big full sexy hair in seconds.  And I made sure to give the client a color of hair options to match their own hair color without teasing, back combing, or spraying a product in your hair praying you’re not out in the public worrying someone notices a plastic comb showing through and bam! You’ve been hair zapped, and everyone knowing that it’s not your real hair.  Worry no more! With imagine hair products you truly can have your hair your way, which is my slogan.

Mission Statement

We at Imagine Hair Corporation are passionate to give our clients assurance and self-esteem, making sure everyone is treated as an individual.  We are about hair, offering hope to those who have hair loss by replacing their hair.  Imagine Hair follows up for customer satisfaction.